Grape varietals:

  • Chardonnay 55%*
  • Pinot Noir 45%**
  • + Reserve wines: one or two reserve wines from a complementary year.
  • Crus:

  • 15 Crus** are used in its composition.

    Zero dosage: the Crus and the grape varieties are rigorously selected to ensure that only grapes with high sugar levels and low acidity are retained. These conditions are necessary to create a finished champagne that has the required balance without any dosage.
    Ageing: ideal ageing of 6 years minimum.



    Very pale and crystal‑bright in colour.
    Intense and complex on the nose with a wide range of aromas, including fruits (citrus and white fruit), flowers (honeysuckle) and iodine notes, which give an impression of freshness.
    This airy and delicate wine of surprising length is characterised by high purity of taste, and a long and non‑saturating finish.
    Best served between 8°C and 10°C.

    *These quantitative data may vary and are given for illustrative purposes.