The Maison
Our history



A former cooper and bottler in Chigny-les-Roses, André-Michel Pierlot settled in Tours‑sur‑Marne in 1812 as a champagne wine merchant. It was in this Grand Cru village, located at the crossroads of the three main vineyards, on plots of land known as Les Plaisances and La Tour Glorieux, that he founded what was to become Maison Laurent‑Perrier. He was succeeded by his son Alphonse Pierlot. As Alphonse Pierlot had no descendants, he passed the company on to his cellar master Eugène Laurent. Eugène Laurent died prematurely in 1887, and his widow, Mathilde-Emilie Perrier, took over the reins of the company, adding her surname to that of Eugène Laurent to give the House the name Veuve Laurent‑Perrier. In 1889, she launched her "Grand Vin Sans Sucre", more to her taste and that of her British customers. Eugénie-Hortense Laurent succeeded her mother in 1925 and sold the estate in 1939.


de nonancourt

Marie-Louise de Nonancourt, a widow with four children, bought Domaine Laurent‑Perrier. During the 2nd World War, Bernard de Nonancourt and his elder brother Maurice joined the Resistance at the start of the Occupation. Only Bernard returned. He joined Abbé Pierre in the maquis. He was then posted to the 2nd DB.


de nonancourt

After returning from the war, Bernard de Nonancourt completed a demanding apprenticeship in the vineyards before becoming CEO at the age of just 28. At the time, the company employed around twenty people and sold 80,000 bottles. Under his leadership, Laurent‑Perrier became a true innovator in Champagne in just 40 years. Fascinated by innovation, attached to the traditions of the Champagne region and the quality of its people and wines, Bernard de Nonancourt created the Laurent‑Perrier style - freshness, elegance, purity - and developed a unique range of champagnes that were exported worldwide to more than 160 countries.
Quality of people, quality of wines


The Management Board

The Laurent‑Perrier Group is listed on the Second Marché of the Paris Stock Exchange and adopts a Management Board and Supervisory Board structure. Alexandra Pereyre and Stéphanie Meneux de Nonancourt join the Laurent‑Perrier Executive Board, chaired since 2014 by Stéphane Dalyac. The success of Laurent‑Perrier is the fruit of the energy of a family led by Bernard de Nonancourt and his daughters, who work to perpetuate the values of high standards and elegance, preserve the independence of a House and affirm the vision of a Brand.



Michel Fauconnet joined Laurent‑Perrier in 1973 and is now the House's 3rd Cellar Manager, after Edouard Leclerc in 1950 and Alain Terrier in 1983.

"I gained my experience in the field. I've held all the production positions: cellar worker, supervisor, then head of the cellar. I learnt a lot from the technical work in the winery. Since 2004, I've been Cellar Master as well as Production Manager. The job has changed a lot. Initially, the Cellar Master made the wine. Now he's also in charge of supplies. So he's responsible for the wines, from vinification to bottling. I've spent my entire career in this House, where I share the same passion: champagne, and the same values: high standards and perfection. My job is to make pleasurable wines that reflect the spirit of Laurent‑Perrier."


Lucie Pereyre

In September 2019, the House was strengthened with the arrival of Lucie Pereyre de Nonancourt, Alexandra's eldest daughter; she represents Grand Siècle around the world. She is training with the Cellar Master, the production teams and the sales teams, as part of Laurent-Perrier's innovative approach.



Maximilien Bernardeau is appointed Cellar Master and Wine Manager of the Laurent‑Perrier Group, reporting to Michel Fauconnet. After a degree in cell biology and plant physiology, Maximilien obtained the national oenologist’s diploma in June 2008 in Dijon. Following a first experience in Burgundy, he joined Sofralab as a consultant oenologist in Champagne. There he acquired an in-depth experience in the cultivation of vines and Champagne winemaking.