Responsible and committed

Since the 1980s, Champagne has been dedicated to implementing solutions to protect the environment.Today, the Champagne industry has the 2030 target of having 100% of certified surfaces, working in three main areas:

  • the preservation and enhancement of land and landscapes,
  • the management of effluent, waste and by-products,
  • the reduction of the carbon footprint.

As part of its environmental strategy for the vineyard and for 100% of its parcels, the Laurent-Perrier Group obtained the Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne (SVC) and the High Environmental Value (HEV) certifications in February 2018. The Group controls its waste production, both related to wine production and product packaging, by promoting recycling. Laurent-Perrier also strives to minimize its consumption of water, electricity and gas at its production site.