Laurent-Perrier celebrates the art of living and the art of service à la française, and this festive season we’d like to share with you the secrets of table dressing.

Choose a pretty tablecloth!

Set the table, seating each guest 30 cm apart. Each place setting has its own place:

– In the centre: the starter plate placed on top of the main course plate, all 2 cm from the edge of the table.

– ⁠To the left of the plate from left to right: starter fork, fish fork, meat fork.

– To the right of the plate, from right to left: soup spoon, starter knife, fish knife, meat knife.

– ⁠In front of the plate: dessert fork, dessert spoon, cheese knife.

– Top left of the plate: bread plate and butter knife.

– Top right of the plate from left to right: Water glass, red wine glass, white wine glass and just behind the champagne flute.