The heritage of Grand Siècle savoir-faire

Laurent-Perrier innovates with the launch of Héritage, the first Brut champagne made from 100% reserve wines offered by a Champagne House.

Héritage is borne out of the savoir-faire of Grand Siècle: a complex blend of several vintages from the best Crus of Champagne and two grape varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Made exclusively with reserve wines selected for their freshness, elegance and complexity, this wine offers great purity and perfect maturity.

When Bernard de Nonancourt became President of Laurent-Perrier in 1948 he decided to create a unique cuvée in Champagne: Grand Siècle. A Prestige Cuvée based on the art of blending rather than on vintage, to recreate what nature will never give us: the perfect year.

He then began to build a collection of reserve wines, sourced from the finest origins and most beautiful plots, that defined the style of the House: purity, freshness, and elegance.

In 1959, the first iteration of Grand Siècle was released with a blend of the years 1955, 1953, and 1952. Héritage originates from Maison Laurent-Perrier’s unique savoir-faire of blending and its ability to build up a library of reserve wines. It allows us today to create even more precise and complex wines.

Tastings of the reserve wines show the diversity of terroirs and soils in Champagne, their aromatic complexity, and their ageing potential. Héritage is a unique blend composed exclusively of reserve wines.

Vinification, blending and ageing

Grape varieties: Chardonnay 55 % and Pinot Noir 45 %.
Crus: 40 Crus of which 50% Grands Crus.
100% reserve wines: Héritage is derived from the production practices, conservation and management of reserve wines at Laurent-Perrier.

Ageing: 4 years minimum.
The resulting balance and freshness enable a low dosage.

Sensory characteristics

A white gold colour with a fine and persistent effervescence.
A nose offering notes of lemon, white peach and fruits in syrup followed by aromas of toasted bread and toasted almonds.
Fresh at first which gives way to a lively, elegant and complex palate with aromas of white fruits and citrus zest. Héritage offers a perfect balance between freshness, elegance and maturity with notes of floral honey.

Best served between 8° and 10°C.

Wine/food pairings

Héritage pairs perfectly with delicate dishes. The wine enhances dishes such as a poultry pie, a puff pastry with mushrooms or turbot with champagne sauce.