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Cuvée Rosé “Petals”

31 August 2023

To elevate this exceptional drinking experience Champagne Laurent-Perrier has perfected over time, a reusable metal robe was launched in 2017 that enrobes the iconic Cuvée Rosé bottle.

Originally founded in 1812, the House of Laurent-Perrier has been defined by its pioneering role in innovating champagne throughout its history. In 2018, Laurent-Perrier celebrated half a century of its Cuvée Rosé – the original “modern” rosé champagne – which was born in 1968 by defying conventions and using innovative wine making techniques.

Crafted using cold maceration, Laurent-Perrier’s Cuvée Rosé extracts colour and flavour from grape skins to bring freshness and elegance. Offering enchanting notes and intense red fruit aromas, the light and elegant champagne is perfectly paired with marinated raw fish, grilled prawns and red fruit desserts to enjoy throughout the summer or at any special occasion.

Cuvée Rosé “Petals”

Starting with the “Signature” robe, “Constellation”, “Safari”, “Butterfly” and “Bamboo” editions followed. In 2023, Laurent-Perrier unveiled the latest artistic edition – the “Petals” robe. Adding a touch of colour and extra layer of indulgence, the “Petals” robe is the perfect table centrepiece that can be re-used to encase future bottles. Its unique design draws inspiration from the colour palette found in the liquid itself, with each individual enamel stroke creating a ‘petal’ pattern throughout. Hues of soft rose, apricot pinks and even warmer brioche tones are showcased as a result. When sunlight hits the robe, a surprising iridescence can be seen that highlights richer, deeper tones of orange and even blue, reminiscent of the richer red and black fruit palette that underpin the Cuvée Rosé.