Laurent-Perrier reveals the secrets of serving champagne: service, glass, temperature.
How do you open the bottle ?

The best way to open a bottle of champagne is to hold the cork firmly in one hand and to hold the bottom of the bottle with the other, turning gently so that you get a very slight noise when opening.

How should I hold the bottle to serve ?

It is important to hold the bottle by the body or by the base in one hand and not by the neck. There are two reasons for this: practicality and aesthetics. The flare at the bottom of the bottle (or “cul de bouteille” to those who know it best) is designed for this purpose, especially with Magnum, which is too wide to hold in one hand. It’s a good idea to put your thumb in the flare and extend your fingers along the body of the bottle

How should champagne be served ?

Laurent-Perrier recommends that you pour the champagne close to the glass to encourage the foam to form without overflowing. Don’t hesitate to take your time and serve in several parts, especially if you are serving several glasses. Finally, it’s important to stop in the middle of the glass when serving. This will allow you to discover all the aromas that champagne has to offer. And the finishing touch? Every year, Laurent-Perrier offers a new limited edition robe for Cuvée Rosé. It’s the new serving ritual for the festive season.

Goblet, flute or wine glass ?

Although champagne is no longer served in goblets, it was until the 1930s. Why was this? Wines were served in high dosage and their effervescence was moderated by stirring them with a small spoon, a pink Reims biscuit or a boudoir. As the dosage was reduced, the goblet was abandoned in favour of the flute. The international symbol of champagne and festivities, its narrow shape preserves the bubbles but limits the development of the aromas. So what should you choose? Ideally, champagne should be served in a wine glass, but not just any glass! Its shape should be similar to that of a flute, but with the organoleptic qualities of a wine glass.

At what temperature should Laurent-Perrier champagnes be served ? Between 6° and 8°: •⁠ ⁠Harmony Between 8° and 10° : •⁠ ⁠Ultra Brut •⁠ ⁠La Cuvée •⁠ ⁠Cuvée Rosé Between 9° and 11° : •⁠ ⁠Brut Millésimé •⁠ ⁠Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature Between 10° and 12° : •⁠ ⁠Grand Siècle •⁠ ⁠Alexandra Rosé To maintain the optimum temperature, Laurent-Perrier invites you to place your bottle in a champagne bucket with ice cubes. Once served, the wine will warm up a few degrees to express its aromatic depth.