Laurent-Perrier unveils the technique of making Cuvée Rosé.
Cuvée Rosé is the result of a qualitative supply of Pinot Noir and a very technical method: the maceration. Once harvested, the grapes are de-stemmed and put in a maceration tank. In this vat, the juice macerates with the skins of the grapes between 48 and 72 hours in order to bring out the aromatic expression. Then the juice will be drained (separated from the skins), fermented and vinified in a separate tank. Since the 1950s, Laurent-Perrier has produced famous "Coteaux Champenois", which have enabled the house to acquire a technique of vinification and aromatic extraction unparalleled. This know-how has enabled Laurent-Perrier to produce Cuvée Rosé, a wine of great freshness and vinousness, with aromas of fresh red fruits and rich colors.