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Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé « Petals » at Selfridges

2 September 2023

Laurent-Perrier has partnered with leading department store, Selfridges, to launch its new Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé “Petals” robe in-store and online.

Champagne Laurent-Perrier has unveiled the Maison’s latest artistic edition – “Petals”. Adding a touch of colour and extra layer of indulgence, this new robe is the perfect table centrepiece that can be re-used to encase future bottles. Its unique design draws inspiration from the colour palette found in the liquid itself, with each individual enamel stroke creating a ‘petal’ pattern throughout. Hues of soft rose, apricot pinks and even warmer brioche tones are showcased as a result. When sunlight hits the robe, a surprising iridescence can be seen that highlights richer, deeper tones of orange and even blue, reminiscent of the richer red and black fruit palette that underpin the Cuvée Rosé.