The Bottle

When it launched Ultra Brut in 1981, Laurent-Perrier innovated by using a blue and silver livery for the packaging for the very first time, paving the way for a new category of champagnes.

The quality of the wine and its instantly recognisable label definitively established Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut as the benchmark and flagship of this new category of Brut Nature wines which it pioneered.

According to current legislation, Brut nature/zero-dosage champagnes must meet two imperative criteria, namely less than 3g of residual sugar per litre and no addition of sugar syrup after bottle fermentation.


Vinification & ageing

A technical feat to create a new species of wine.
The blend, specially created by the Cellar Master in his constant quest for the absolute, allows the purity of the grape to express itself in all its dazzling glory.

This champagne, made to the most exacting blending specifications, calls for a very special type of wine-making expertise to achieve the looked-for balance with no dosage. The balance obtained without acidity is magnified by a minimum six years cellar-ageing.
Upstanding, pure, subtle: Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut retains a suave, natural expression, underpinned by an enduring freshness.