Stainless Steel Tanks

In the late 1960s, Laurent-Perrier was one of the few champagne houses to opt for the use of stainless steel tanks. By controlling the initial low temperature fermentation, these tanks preserve the freshness of the wine and the complexity of its aromas.

They were instrumental in the blossoming of the house style of freshness, finesse and elegance. Bernard de Nonancourt set out his ambition for Laurent-Perrier by building the first thermo-regulated winery. Fifty years down the road, his daughters Alexandra and Stéphanie have begun to renovate Laurent-Perrier’s facilities.

Single Vineyard Vinification

Alain Terrier, who was appointed Cellar Master in 1982, perfected the art of blending, in line with the ceaseless quest for excellence underpinning the spirit of Laurent-Perrier.

He selected grapes from the best sectors of the Champagne growing area, vinified each batch separately, and was an exacting task-master at the time of blending. This single vineyard vinification became part of the signature house style: worked separately, the wine from each vineyard offered the Cellar Master responsible for the blend a very broad array of aromas, terroirs and styles.