Assemblage is the art of champagne

In which Laurent-Perrier excels thanks to the expertise of the team led by Michel Fauconnet, 3rd Cellar Master since 1950.

At Laurent-Perrier, winemaking means selecting the best juice from the press, working with the three main Champagne varietals, Chardonnay mostly, Pinot Noir and Meunier, which is used solely in making “La Cuvée” and demi-sec “Harmony”.It also means choosing the still wines that will go to make up the final composition from the 319 villages in the Champagne AOC area including 17 Grands Crus and 44 Premiers Crus.To make wine is to achieve the perfect balance between a base year and reserve wines to recreate the characteristic Laurent-Perrier style each year.

Finally, it means ageing our Cuvées for long periods so that they are perfectly ready to enjoy as soon as they are released onto the market. Each of these stages, however important, can only be accomplished if we have the best grapes, which is why our long-standing partnerships with the region’s growers and cooperatives, often over several generations, are vital.