1 December 2013

The Grand Siècle winery

In the House’s view, art, elegant lines, and the beauty of objects and places are inseparable from man’s daily preoccupations with wines, their vinification, their blending, and their patient maturing during the long years of cellar ageing.

As far back as the early 1960s, the first winery made using enamelled steel was presented with as much fanfare as if it had featured noble oak casks and barrels. The new, dedicated Grand Siècle winery, is being installed in the same location.


The stainless steel vats

Isolated behind two sets of glass doors, 14 tanks each with a capacity of 110 hectolitres are lined up equidistantly along the central aisle. From the arching roof overhead, the light falls onto the graceful stainless steel curves of the tanks, infinitely reflected in the shimmer of the high-tech LED lighting, making them seemingly endless.


The concrete winery

Ante-room of the Grand Siècle winery, the concrete winery dates from the 1960’s.


Jean-Michel Wilmotte uses light to create a soft and contemplative atmosphere.


The Tasting Room

A tasting room closes off the view through the winery. Its lines are understated, uncluttered, the epitome of Laurent-Perrier’s signature lightness and elegance. Freshness will be present as soon as the master of ceremonies uncorks the first bottle…


© credits Laurent-Perrier