18 September 2014

The Art of pouring champagne according to Laurent-Perrier: The Grand Siècle Cradle

Champagne in all its fluidity, purity and elegance – it is the delicate resonance of words like these that inspired the contemporary lines of the new Grand Siècle Cradle.

Minimalist lines homage to the opulence of the Grand Siècle bottle

The French designer Laurent Vincenti took his inspiration from the generous, timeless, curves of the Grand Siècle bottle and came up with the fluid, minimalist lines of a double handle, soaring up from a delicate base and arching naturally to create a snug fit around the neck of the bottle. The bottle is presented at a slight angle, as if in movement and ready to be poured. Its colour and lines are reflected in the mirror finish. The cradle comes with a separate base, its oval shape reminiscent of a drop of precious liquid, to round off its overall harmony.


Photo Credit : Julio Piatti


The pouring ritual central to Laurent-Perrier DNA

The underlying principle of the new Grand Siècle Cradle is quite straightforward but is a genuine innovation in the manner of carrying a wine bottle: the bottle is wedged at the base by a cone that fits inside the punt (the indent generally found in the base of a wine bottle), and the handles, which are covered with a soft-touch material, meet at the upper part of the neck, fitting snugly around it. In the serving position, the hand that takes hold of the cradle gathers the two handles together smoothly, and in so doing immobilises the bottle on its base.

About Laurent Vincenti

After training at the Paris School of Decorative Arts, Laurent Vincenti began working as a designer in 1982 in Pierre Paulin and Roger Tallon’s celebrated team. Laurent Vicenti is well-known not only in France; he also receives numerous international commissions: his furniture, interfaces and mobile phone designs are especially successful in Japan and the United States. With his expertise in designing innovative products, he is a regular speaker at the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as lecturing for MBA courses in France’s elite Grandes Ecoles.

About Grand Siècle

Launched in 1959 by Bernard Nonancourt, Grand Siècle is Laurent-Perrier’s top-of-the-range cuvée, and the ultimate demonstration of its blending know-how and exacting standards. The champagne cuvée Grand Siècle is a blend of wines from the very best crus from particularly successful years declared as vintage years by Laurent-Perrier: “The best of the best with the best,” as Bernard de Nonancourt used to say….