October 2020

Grand Siècle limited-edition, the “Sun Robe”

Grand Siècle,
The name given to the century of the Sun-King, Louis XIV, symbol of the pinnacle of the art of hospitality à la française.

Grand Siècle,
The name chosen by Bernard de Nonancourt, upon the advice of Général de Gaulle, for Champagne Laurent-Perrier’s prestige cuvee, launched in 1959.

Grand Siècle,
The pinnacle of the art of assemblage in champagne.
A blend of grape varieties, Chardonnay in the majority and also Pinot Noir. A blend of Grands Crus. A blend of three exceptional years with complementary oenological profiles.

Going well beyond rare vintages, Grand Siècle recreates the perfect year with each new iteration. Laurent-Perrier has, since 1959, launched 24 iterations of Grand Siècle, which perpetuates this wine’s unique style in Champagne each time.
For end of year celebrations, Laurent-Perrier offers hedonists, champagne lovers and expert hosts, the Sun Robe. The new service ritual, which further elevates the wine, this adornment designed as the mirror of the wine, its pale gold colour and fine effervescence, lends the bottle a new brilliance. The ultimate expression of our insistence on quality, this limited edition is a bridge between the classic values of the Grand Siècle and modernity.